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1-4 May
72-hour Social Hackathon

#CamvsCovid: Our mission

Task: Teams had 72 hours to draft a novel response to a pressing problem in the context of COVID-19.


This portfolio is a collection of the ideas that resulted from the intense #CamvsCovid 72h-idea sprint. All submissions have been subject to a jury process by CJBS lecturers and professors at the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge. The jury members selected the winning submissions and provided their feedback based on five evaluation criteria (impact, business value, innovation, feasibility, presentation). Points raised during this process did not only serve as a guidance for refining the articles in the portfolio; more importantly, they lead the teams on their way forward as they implement their ideas. While this document naturally falls short of the energy and passion with which each of the teams developed their concepts over the weekend, we as organisers would like to provide a platform to disseminate the solutions and call for support on their path to implementation. We have included links to prototypes, as well as contact information for each of the submissions for supporters to get in touch. Please do not hesitate to reach out – the teams value any type of input.


Winning submissions

We congratulate the three winning teams Localing, Team 12 and perfeXia TeleHealthMonitor, who managed to convince the jury with their concepts!

The Jury
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